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Roulette is a luck based game. Therefore the various methods put in place do not really influence how you play but how you bet. They are called “martingales” in French or betting systems in the English. This article looks at the most popular strategies. These strategies are infallible and they may help you win some money. However due to the numerous betting limitations they have become less efficient. Moreover, we recommend you not to use them; they are just presented as a guideline in this article. In the first paragraph we provide some usual hints. Like all other ancient games, the history of roulette is not really known. Some historians believe the game originated from China thanks to the existing communications by the Dominican monks. For some it was the ancient Romans who already used chariot wheels to play. Finally some think it originated in France and Italy. The rules of roulette are really easy to remember. There is a wide a range of bets. This article will shed some light on the various rules of roulette French, British, American or Mexican.