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If card counting in blackjack allows the game to become the most profitable casino game in existence, this strategy has become very complex and even sometimes impossible to use, as I explain in this article.
However, you can still use the basic strategy which reduces the house advantage to a low level.
Fortunately, there is another game that is particularly interesting for the player, its video poker.
In fact, if you follow an efficient playing technique, such as those we offer here, you can receive a larger payout.
For this, we must still verify the bets of video poker you are using.
All games of the same variant do not necessarily have the same schedule of payments, there are more generous than others.
So, if you play Jacks or Better, you should carefully check that Full pays 9 coins and a flush pays 6 coins.
With these odds and a good game strategy, you have a repayment rate that reaches 99.5%.
We call jacks or better offering these payments 9 / 6.
However, you can also fall on jacks or better 8 / 5, should be avoided, since their payout does not exceed 97.3%, even with an effective playing technique.
Two reasons may explain why some casinos continue to offer jacks or better 9 / 6 although the rate of repayment is not much.
First, most players believe video poker is played like a traditional slot machine without resorting to a strict strategy.
Second, many games offer a double or nothing feature which many players use.
However, this feature is rather to the casino’s advantage since it reduces the rate of repayment offered by the 9/6.
You understand then that you should never use that feature.
If you wish to profit in real mode of payment tables concerning video poker,
I suggest you make a deposit on EuroPalace, Casino Solera or 7Red also, these online casinos offer excellent jacks or better 9/6.

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