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The end of card counting in blackjack



If there is an effective method to earn money at the casino, it is indeed counting cards in blackjack.
This technique is to track the distribution of cards to determine if the shoe has more high cards, this is to your advantage, or more low cards, which benefit the bank.
Based on this valuable information, you need only to increase or decrease your bet.
With this strategy, blackjack becomes a game in favour of the player.
The bank’s advantage is then less than zero.
Unfortunately, you can not use  card counting in an online casino.
In fact, the shoe is virtually mixed between two rounds.
Similarly, land-based casinos today are prohibiting the use of this strategy.
So you are not allowed to use a piece of paper to help you.
In addition, institutions have developed many techniques to undermine the effectiveness of card counting.  For example, they use five packs of cards and shuffle the shoe regularly.
Thus, this method requires today a very large memory and a keen sense of mental arithmetic, so few players still manage to profit.
To obtain the lowest house edge possible and attempt to win money, you can only use the basic strategy, detailed in the article on the methods for winning at blackjack.

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