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404 Lost and Not Found


Nowadays, every decent website needs to have their own customized 404 page.
In July 2005, Smashing Magazine even launched a competition amongst its members, asking them to design the best 404 page.
Three weeks later, they published the results.
As far as I am concerned, the indisputable winner is Homestar Runner and their animation System is down a.k.a. 404 Doodoo Error among initiates. ROFL!
Let’s explain, for non-geeks landing on Planet Interwebz, that 404-not-found pages have their dedicated fanbase which converges around, more precisely in the 404 Research Lab.
Being the repressed geeks we are, we have decided to bring our modest contribution to this communal creative drive.
Here is a screen-shot of our very own 404 page, featuring Maxim, our mascot. Follow this link to view it full-size.


So? Have you noticed the obvious references oozing through every pixel of this page or do I have to analyze it for you?
The blue Volkswagen van…the sign on its front…the beer can in the character’s hand….another Dharma Initiative sign on the can…the island…The character saying you are LOST and you should PUSH THE BUTTON to get out…
Still not getting it?
Ok, I will stop assuming you are retarded and, as an apology, let me offer you this superb trailer made by David Lachapelle to promote Lost season 2 on Chanel 4.
Keep your eyes and ears open wide, especially to listen to Numb, by Portishead, which accompanies this sinister dance.
For hardcore fans, here is a link to the same video but in which the soundtrack has been replaced with the original U.S. actors’ voices.

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