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Why you should open an account with several casinos


One wonders if there is any moralilty left nowadays…
It is so sad to see even a Republican governor acting like a child in the hands of his dearest wife – wasn’t that you, Schwarzy?
Thank god there is still some place where loyalty is still paying, and that’s the world of online casinos. More…

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Why should you register on several different casinos?


Moral values are not what they used to be!
Even Republican governors have children unbeknownst to their loving and devoted wives, don’t they, Schwarzy?
However there is still one domain in which fidelity pays and that is online casinos.
Your best interest is to stay true… to several different online casinos. More…

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These Casinos in English Appeal to French Players


Following the introduction in France of the law on opening the French market for online gambling, many online casinos no longer accept French players, as I had already stated: Focus on the new landscape of online French gaming, 6 new French licenses… and the casino in all that and Playtech said goodbye to France. More…

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Lord of the Rings exclusively at Casino Lemonade


About two weeks ago, I told you on this blog about the upcoming launch of the slot machine Lord of the Rings.
After months of waiting, Microgaming has finally released its game adapted from the legendary trilogy of heroic fantasy.
Exceptionally, the publisher had the good idea to finalize at the same time the download and no version. More…

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2 casinos which will make you forget the beach and relaxing


For some time, we have regularly been welcoming many new online casinos in this category.
Thus, recent weeks we have witnessed the arrival of sites using Microgaming platform (such as Red Flush or Casino La Vida) B3W Group (including Royal Flamingo Casino) Netent (like Tower Gaming) and Playtech (with Crown Europe or City Club Casino). More…

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Danish regulatory authority blocks websites without license


Those European countries that have already liberalized their online gabling markets seem determined to crack down on websites with no license.
We recently reported – in this article – that the Belgian Gambling Commission had published a blacklist of sites to which Internet service providers (ISPs) and financial institutions would be respectively barred to provide Internet access and process transactions. More…

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Playtech buys Ash Gaming


Playtech has just purchased Ash Gaming, at a valuation worth 23 million British pounds.
The acquisition will take place in two stages, with a initial transaction of 15,5 million, followed by a deferred payment of 7,5 million pounds.
This will allow the Israeli editor to improve its current game catalog, and to complete its technology portfolio. More…

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Playtech leaves France


The French online gambling market is definitely evolving fast in the last couple of weeks.
After the ARJEL (Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne) granted a first 19 gambling licenses on June 8, then 6 more on June 25, it is now Playtech who has some astounding news. More…

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Sterling Silver 3D, the First Slot Machine in 3D


Since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar, 3D has undoubtedly invaded cinemas.
In fact, every month, at least one movie requires red and blue anaglyph glasses to enjoy an amusing effect of 3D.
Soon, this technique will be used in the online casino world with the launch, scheduled for June 9, of a new Microgaming game. More…

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Happy New Year 2011


I do not know about you but from my side, the holidays were pretty hectic and I am having a little trouble recovering.
Like every year, I ate too much, especially drank too much, and did not get enough sleep.
I need an extra few days of holidays.
Unfortunately, I just got back to work and I do not have a lot of leave days. More…

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