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The ancient Aztec civilisation has inspired this Betsoft slot machine. It is called Aztec Treasures, which announces the colour. This game has very colourful 3D graphics which are truly magnificent. As far as the soundtrack goes, we are offered a catchy and pleasant tribal music. Also, animal screams and other nice noises give life to this sound atmosphere. As soon as you win something, a short animated sequence starts in which the symbol which made you win is honoured. The spins are thus very dynamic and the game is not static at all.

A few generalities on this slot

Aztec Treasures is a video slot machine with 5 reels and 30 payment lines. It has a special Wild symbol and a kiss me Wild reel feature. It offers the possibility to win some free spins and to take part in two bonus games: the love hut and the secret room. It also boasts a special feature called Click me which allows you to win instant bonuses.

Everything about the bets

When you play Aztec Treasures, you can bet up to 5 coins per payment line. You can also choose the value of the currency. You can select one of the following values: 0,05, 0,10, 0,25, 0,50 and 1 $/€. The range of bets is therefore very wide. It starts at only 0,05 $/€ and ends at no less than 150 $/€.

Wild symbol

The symbol depicting a spear in the ground is a special wild symbol. If you get it anywhere on the screen, it starts an animated sequence. You then discover a rotund Aztec which tears the spear from the ground and throws it on a symbol, chosen at random, which has appeared anywhere on the reels. This item becomes a wild symbol which can complete any winning combination by replacing any other symbol.

Kiss me Wild reel

If you manage to get the symbols depicting a young woman with curly hair, a rotund Aztec and a pretty brunette with straight hair next to one another on the first, second, third or fourth payment lines, you start the feature called kiss me Wild reel. The symbols then start an animated sequence and the two charming creatures both kiss the Aztec on the cheeks. The latter then gets out of his square and changes all the items on the central reel into Wild x2 which can replace any other symbol in order to form winning combinations, the gains of which are multiplied by 2. Randomly, the reel can stay full of Wild x2 during the next spin.

Click me

If 3 symbols depicting the Aztec calendar appear on a single activated payment line, the Click me feature starts. You must then choose one of the 3 calendar symbols which make you win money. You can win up to 20.000 coins.

Re-triggerable free spins

If you get 3 symbols depicting a lizard on a single activated payment line, you can win 3 free spins. During these spins, if a lizard symbol appears anywhere on the screen, you win extra free spins. They are therefore re-triggerable free spins.

Love hut

You only have to get 3 hut symbols to start the love hut bonus game. During this game, you need to find presents to seduce the two lovely Aztecs. You can choose between a collar, flowers or precious gems. The more the young women like the presents, the more money you win.

Secret room

In this game, there are 3 gems of different colours. In order to start the secret room bonus game, you need to get all three of them. You do not need to get them all at the same time. As soon as a precious stone appears on the reel number 5, if you have not yet get this colour, it is put aside, so that when you get the 3 different gems, you can take part in the bonus game. This last game takes place in the ruins of an ancient temple. The three precious gems are the keys which open the doors the the secret room which protects the treasures. Select the three doors which you want to open and win the money.

The features of the Aztec Treasures video slot machine are therefore very original. They are also very fun to play. All players should love this game the atmosphere of which is a real success.

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Free casino game Aztec Treasures

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