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Top 5 tips for Winning at Blackjack



I have always enjoyed blackjack which is one of the games that made me win more money in my gaming life.
Today, if I have great difficulty using the card counting systems, as I indicated to you in this article, I still manage to win regularly because of the good old basic strategy.
The latter is inevitable and is the necessary technic to know to win at blackjack.
Nevertheless, some players do not want to waste time by consulting it at each round and refuse to learn it by heart.
Others do not like following blindly a game plan and prefer to make their own decisions.
For all those players who ignore the benefits of the basic strategy, I propose five simple tips that will allow them to win more money regularly at blackjack.

Always split your pair of aces or 8

When your first two cards are of the same rank, you can separate them into two hands that are managed independently. This option is not always interesting. However, if you have a pair of aces or a pair of 8, choosing to separate it is always the best possible decision.

Stop when the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6 if you could burn

With a 4, 5 or 6 as face-up card, the dealer has significant probability of losing by getting more than 21. If on your side, you can also burn by drawing an additional card it is in your best interest to stop.


Choose a table where you can double any hand

At blackjack at the beginning of a round, instead of drawing another card, you may want to double your bet. In this case, you receive an additional single card. Many tables will allow you to double only with the hands of 10 or 11. Avoid them and instead choose those that allow you to double regardless of your first 2 cards. Indeed, such tables have a bank advantage of less than 0.2%.

Double with an ace if the dealer has a 6

When you have an ace and the dealer has a 6, it is the best configuration to take advantage and double. Of course, do not choose this option if your second card is 9 or 10. In fact, you already have a very good hand and you risk burning.

Avoid tables where blackjack pays only 6 to 5

Traditionally, when you get a hand of 2 cards reaching 21, you get a special payment of 3 to 2. Some tables are less generous and pay such a hand 6 to 5. Do not play on this type of table which is far less interesting.

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