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  •  The future belongs to the progressive jackpot of over one million

The future belongs to the progressive jackpot of over one million



At the end of July, I announced in this article that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot had just passed the bar of 3.5 million Euros.
This enormous sum could impress the millions of players.
Yet it would seem that in future such amount will not be really exceptional.
In fact, according to many experts, the money offered by the progressive jackpots should dramatically increase in coming years, so many believe that in 2018, the average amount will be a million Euros.
Two main reasons can explain this significant growth.
First of all, online casinos are currently increasingly successful. Thus, the potential number of users of progressive slot machines should be increased with new players.
This growth will increase the amount of jackpots.
Second, many experts believe that online casinos will have slots machines linked up together to contribute to one jackpot.
All players’ bets of the many games will participate in a rapid increase of the jackpot.
If you wish, you can also participate in the increasing of money provided by the progressive jackpots, you now know what you have to do.
Sign up to online casinos and play regularly with real money on progressive slot machines.
If everyone registers, the average of one million Euros will be achieved well before 2018.

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