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  •  Farewell to the Professor, the Captain and Spearmaster

Farewell to the Professor, the Captain and Spearmaster


In just under two months, Alan Leonard, Lou Fabiano and Ted Loh left us.
These three important figures from the online gambling world leave behind grieving families and many friends affected by this terrible news.

The Captian Alan Leonard also known under the pseudonym The Captain passed away at the end of July.
This topic on the Casino Affiliate Programs forum is dedicated to his death.
His funeral was held in Virginia July 31, 2010.
The Professor The same day his friend Louis Fabiano, aka The Professor, was taken to hospital in intensive care.
He died a few weeks later on August 24, at the age of 46 years. An entrepreneur at heart, Louis Fabiano had launched a marketing company at 17 years. In 1999, he created the Casino Affiliate Programs, which quickly became one of the largest companies in the industry. Louis Fabiano will remain famous for his significant contribution to improving relations between affiliates and affiliate programs. Indeed, he has solved more problems in this area over the years than anyone else. This video is a tribute to him.
Spearmaster Less than a month later in the night of Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st September, Ted Loh, aka Spearmaster, died of cancer.
10 years ago, he had started in the industry with a company affiliate.
Then he worked with Playtech.
Thanks to his straightforward approach and outspokenness, he helped shape the online gambling industry that we know today, as evidenced by the numerous posts on the forum Casino Meister and that of GPWA.
These three strong personalities will be missed by the industry.
All my thoughts are with their families.
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