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Why should you register on several different casinos?


Moral values are not what they used to be!
Even Republican governors have children unbeknownst to their loving and devoted wives, don’t they, Schwarzy?
However there is still one domain in which fidelity pays and that is online casinos.
Your best interest is to stay true… to several different online casinos. More…

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Happy New Year 2011


I do not know about you but from my side, the holidays were pretty hectic and I am having a little trouble recovering.
Like every year, I ate too much, especially drank too much, and did not get enough sleep.
I need an extra few days of holidays.
Unfortunately, I just got back to work and I do not have a lot of leave days. More…

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Farewell to the Professor, the Captain and Spearmaster


In just under two months, Alan Leonard, Lou Fabiano and Ted Loh left us.
These three important figures from the online gambling world leave behind grieving families and many friends affected by this terrible news.
Alan Leonard also known under the pseudonym The Captain passed away at the end of July. More…

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