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Nun steals a million dollars to play slots



Fore more than 10 years, Sister Marie Thornton worked in the financial department of Iona College in New Rochelle (New York).
Her job allowed her to divert more than a million dollars to play slots in Atlantic City’s casinos.
Compulsive gambler, the nun lost around $10,000 in a single day at her favourite casino.
To fund her addiction, she could steal up to $5,000 per day.
After the robbery was discovered on the college’s bank accounts, a federal investigation has been opened and finally Sister Thornton confessed all her crimes.
During her trial, she faced a sentence of 3 years in prison.
The prosecutor in charge of the case has preferred to place her into a special facility to treat the nun’s addiction.
Healed, she now lives in a convent in Philadelphia.
This sad story reminds us (so is that one here and there) that before being member of the Church, one is a human being, with all its weaknesses attached.

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