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  •  Netent not launching a casino but live games instead

Netent not launching a casino but live games instead



Recently, we announced in this post that the developer Netent would soon launch its own online casino, which would feature various games produced by the game software provider as well as live games with real croupiers.
However, unverified rumors running around the web insisted that – in reality – this information was not true.
Indeed, one of Netent’s manager has contacted us to give the true account of the facts.
He told us that the game developer will not launch its own online casino, but will soon add live games to its software.
Thus, we would like to apologise for this error and we will ensure that the author of the incorrect news story be punished as deserved.
The author has already copied 500 times the phrase “I will never publish news stories without verifying their truth in advance”.

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