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Belgian casinos in trouble



We reported in this article that casinos in Wallonia were facing a grim situation.
Now it seems that they are not the only ones encountering big problems in Belgium, as Flemish casinos should also be in the red by the end of 2013.
The casinos in Knokke, Middelkerke, Ostende and Blankenberge will have to dismiss a good number of employees.
This year nearly 240 jobs will be lost in the Belgian casinos, out of a total of 900 people employed since 2011.
There are various reasons that might explain this situation – for instance, the international economic crisis, the smoking ban and the online gambling liberalisation.
In order to put a remedy to such problems, Belgian casinos have requested that the taxation be reduced from 44% to 35% or a reduction of income tax.
Indeed, croupiers’ salaries are no longer covered by tips.
Thus, gaming establishments have to pay the full minimum salary that is of almost €2,400 when taking into account the money of winnings, which is already taxed.

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