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Baccarat ahead of Blackjack in Las Vegas



Blackjack has lost its luster on the Strip.
That’s true – annual revenues generated by all classic card games combined are now under those recorded by baccarat only.
Thus, it now generates nearly 60% revenues earned by the tables games at the MGM Grand Casino for example.
The reason for this success is mainly due by the asian customers, who are very attracted by VIP rooms, where it mainly plays baccarat.
Some tables offer betting limit so high that a minimum bet of 10,000 dollars per bet is not an unusual practise.
The card game has always encountered a great success in VIP rooms because of its simplicity in terms of gameplay and its aristocratic image that has always surrounded its story.
Moreover, as we recently indicated here, baccarat offers one of the lowest advantage for the house than any other casino game.
It was enough for the number of dedicated tables to double in 5 years in Las Vegas.
The figures also show that the total revenues generated from baccarat have steadily progressed during the last 10 years in Nevada, while those registered by blackjack tend to decrease gradually.
As long as wealthy asian tourists continue to travel to Las Vegas to play, baccarat should carry on its ascension.
On its side, blackjack should still remain the most popular game, among the american customer base at least.

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