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History of the wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune is a game that can be found at online or land based casino also known as six wheel. It gets its name from the battle fields but it became popular as a carnival game.

A warrior game

The earlier version of wheel of fortune was a game played mainly by warriors. In ancient Greece soldiers entertained themselves spun a shield which had drawings on it. On top was a spear. The warriors placed bets on the slot on which the shield was going to stop.

There was another variant of this game. It helped determine the way the soldiers resolved their differences or to simplify the division of the booty of their enemies after a battle. To avoid more blood shed among their troops the commanders encouraged the soldiers to use the game to sort out their differences. The number of chariots abandoned on the battle fields provided unsuspected play time. All the warriors marked their own symbols on the wheel of a chariot. A stick was even placed on the ground, next to the chariot. One spun the wheel once it stopped; the soldier whose mark was the closest to the stick was declared the winner. Thus arguments and battles were avoided.

Carnival game

Because it is easy to play and fun, the soldiers introduced the game to their villages. It was often organized during carnivals and local festivals celebrating harvests. Sometimes, a horizontal wheel like the one in roulette was also used but vertical wheels were the most popular. In fact, there were much more visible during holidays where there were a lot of people. Thereafter it became a regular game at funfairs. The wheel of fortune became really popular in the United States. Till today, it is played at carnivals and funfairs all over the country.

Casino game

Since the game is based on luck and bets, the casinos took a hold of it. Slowly the wheel of fortune became a classic in gambling institutions. It is not available in French casinos but in the United States, there is no doubt about its success. Generally an enthusiastic crowd surrounds the tables allocated to it, that is why it is the first game you notice when you enter a casino.

Online game

Since the mid 1990s, it became an online game. Certain gambling sites offer a digital adaptation of the wheel of fortune. Thus, this millennium game continues to attract new fans thanks to high tech technology.