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History of craps

Craps is a dice game. Dices appeared at the beginning of humanity. Made from animal bones or pieces of wood such as oak, they already existed in ancient Egypt over 4600 years ago. This article looks at the history of craps.

Origins of craps

Like other ancient games, the origins of craps are not known. There are different theories of how it started. For some, the game comes from an entertaining game played in the Roman Empire. During this period, warriors were used to sculpting pig bones into cubes. To entertain themselves during battles, they would throw a reversed shield and bet on the outcome.

For others craps originates from a British game known as hazard. Played since the middle ages, it was invented by Sir William tyre in1125 to entertain his troops during the siege of an Arab castle called hazarth or asarf depending on the versions. The name of the game is derived from the castle name. Other experts think that the game comes from an Arabic word meaning dice, alzah or azza.

For others craps started before the middle ages. In fact according to them, Arabs played a game known as azzahr meaning to die in French with small numbered cubes. Merchants introduced the game to Europe even before the 12th century and it was known as hazard.

The name craps

Hazard became a popular game in the 17th and 18th century in Great Britain. It was played by everyone from popular taverns to upscale playrooms of the rich. Also became popular in France. To distinguish themselves from the English, it became known as crabs.

This word means a score of 2, at random, which means that the player has lost. The game crabs gradually became craps, in the mid 19th century, by which it is still known as today.

Introduction of craps in the United States

English and French colonies introduced the game of craps when they settled in the south along the east coast of the United States. This is where it changed and was simplified.

Bernard de Mandeville a habitant of New Orleans improved the game in 1893. Like poker, craps was played a lot on the boats that crossed the Mississippi. The steamboats played a significant role because it therefore became an American game travelling across the country.

The game had numerous faults in terms of the betting rules. In the early 19th century, a passionate player named John H. Winn found a way to address these limitations. For this, he invented a new table for the game that had the option pass, pass line and do not pass, do not pass line for the bets. With this innovation, the shooter is not the only one able to bet. Other participants can also now place their chips on the table. This invention helped to make Craps even more famous and popular.

Craps to conquer the world

From the early 20th century, the game started to become world famous. During WWII, soldiers played this game for entertainment during their battles. Thus, between America and Europe and America and Asia, it travelled a lot .Throughout its journey, Craps was loved by all who played it. Today it is played in casinos around the world, from Las Vegas to Macau, even Monte Carlo.

Online craps

Since the last few years and its availability on the internet, craps is going to leave its mark in history. Fans who are used to the brick and mortar casinos are rediscovering their favourite game on the web. A way of playing without leaving the comfort of your own home in addition several jackpots are offered. Craps has now new fans who can understand its wide range of bets.