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How to win in black jack

Online and land based casino black jack has one the most efficient strategies. This article highlights simple strategies to use, the basic strategy and card counting system.

A few tips

The first thing to remember, when you play black jack you should never choose the insurance bet because it has the highest house advantage unless you are a card counter because they know how to take advantage of it otherwise avoid it completely.


Like all other casino games, you should set a time, loss and winnings limit and to increase your playtime you should have enough bankroll. It is recommended to have 40 times the minimum bet and to never bet too many chips in one round.

When you start losing money avoid increasing your bets rather decrease them. However, if you are wining bet big because the money at stake is what you have just won so go for it. Thus you can reach your objective quickly. If you get an amount inferior or equivalent to your bankroll, return to your initial bet.

Finally, before you start playing blackjack you need to have mastered the rules properly. To do this we recommend that you play online blackjack for free. You can practice without betting real money.

Basic strategy

Basic strategy is a simple strategy which helps to reduce the house advantage. It is presented in a table and it shows the best option to choose according to your hand, face-up card and the number of decks of cards in the shoe on the table. The blackjack tables which we recommend are when dealer chooses automatically another card if he has not obtained a minimum of 17 or 18 depending on the game.

Master them well before betting real money. The most popular variant of the game in France is the one that uses 2 decks or more thus master it first. You should use practical cases. Imagine a game combination and try to understand why the best option is the one we specify.

Here are meanings of the abbreviations :

  • A means ace ;
  • H means Hit, in other words draw an additional card ;
  • S means Stand ;
  • D means Double, if this option is forbidden draw ;
  • Ds means Double or Stand, if this option is forbidden, stand ;
  • P means Split, in other words split your pair into two separate hands ;
  • H/P means split your pair and double if you are allowed, otherwise draw ;
  • D/P means split your pair and double if you are allowed, otherwise double
  • H/R means fold if you are allowed otherwise hit
  • S/R means fold if you are allowed, otherwise stand

Card counting system

If you want to win money in blackjack the most effective strategy is card counting, it is only available at a brick and mortar casino or online with the use of a web cam and an actual dealer. In fact at a normal online casino the cards are shuffled before each draw.

The basic principle is to monitor the distributions of cards to adapt your bets according to the current shoe. The more it has high cards, the more advantage you have. The dealer will often exceed 21. You should obtain black jacks or high initial hands.

During the years several techniques have evolved, often, you must start counting at 0. Then depending on the system used, each card is distributed to change that figure. To begin it is advisable to try the easiest method. So rather choose the Hi-Lo count or the KO count. Once you're comfortable with them, go for a more efficient but more complex as the Hi-Opt I and II.