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How to Win in baccarat

Beginners are often intimidated by Baccarat. Indeed, its aristocratic origin, its high betting limits and restricted areas can be scary. However, this card game is actually, very entertaining and very simple to play.

Just bet on the dealer's hand, the player or equality between them because the procedure of the round depends on codified rules. But this does not mean there is no strategy to make you win. In this article we'll give you a few.

Couple tips for Baccarat

Before starting to play Baccarat you need to know something important. Unlike Rummy, Poker or Blackjack, there is no ideal strategy to card games. Indeed, there is no decision to make, except during the betting round.

The first advice we can give you is do not use a popular tactic used by most players. It also happens frequently that casinos give you a piece of paper to record the number of hands won by the player and the bank. You can use this information to bet during the round, for the one who wins or loses the most. You can also use it go against the flow of the game.

These tactics are based on nothing serious, just superstition. Thus, we recommend you not to use them because they are not reliable in the long term. In fact, the results of previous rounds do not influence future rounds.

Some people think if they start to bet in a Baccarat round, they are forced to do it in every hand, which is false. You can watch a few hands before starting to bet. Similarly, you have the right to take breaks and not bet during some rounds.

Manage your budget

Like all other casino games online or offline, Baccarat requires good management of your budget if you want to keep control over your money. A handy tip, to manage your money in Baccarat you have to set limits.

You choose the amount you want to use for your bets. It is important that this sum is high enough to increase playing time but not too high so that you regret it if you lose. This amount is your bankroll. Separate it from your savings which you are not supposed to touch.

If you completely lose your bankroll, stop playing for the day, or at least take a break. It is possible to return to the gaming table but take your time to relax, calm down which prevents you from making irrational decisions because of fatigue and your emotions. if you carry on playing set a new bankroll.

It is also good to set a time and winnings limit. So you do not play for too long and become exhausted and start playing with your emotions.

Probabilities and odds in baccarat

Baccarat is a game that is quite profitable. It has a high payout rate in all bets; the house edge is rather low with an average of 1.4%.

The 3 possible bets do not have the same odds. The bet on equality is the most profitable. Indeed, you can win 7 to 9 times your initial bet, according to the rules governing the table on which you play. With this very high odd, betting on equality is particularly tempting. In reality, it is strongly recommended to take it. Indeed, the probability that the dealer's hand and the player are of equal value are very low, about 9.53%.Thus, with this bet the house advantage is higher than 14%.

The other two bets on the dealer's hand or the player, has the same odds of 1 to 1. But, if you win because you bet on the banker's hand, a 5% commission will be deducted from your winnings.

It is not always deducted immediately. Sometimes it is done at the end of the shoe or when you leave the table. Do not forget about this that commissions will be deducted from your winnings.

The commission may surprise you. It was established to equalize the odds between the 2 bets on one of the hands. There is not much chance that the player's hand is higher or lower than the bank. On average the player's hand is the strongest around 44.62% or 45, 85% if it’s lower. The reason for this fact is very simple. The dealer plays after the player. Thus, the value of the player's hand is known, it is easier to beat. But even with this commission, the bet on the banker's hand is more interesting. Indeed, the house edge is only 1.06% against 1.24% for that of the player's hand. So if you want to win more often, it is advisable to always bet on the dealer's hand.