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The several strategies to win in roulette

Roulette is a luck based game. Therefore the various methods put in place do not really influence how you play but how you bet. They are called “martingales” in French or betting systems in the English. This article looks at the most popular strategies. These strategies are infallible and they may help you win some money. However due to the numerous betting limitations they have become less efficient. Moreover, we recommend you not to use them; they are just presented as a guideline in this article. In the first paragraph we provide some usual hints.

Useful hints for roulette

The best roulette to play is the European sometimes also known as French roulette or British roulette. The American roulette has an additional pocket the double zero (00) which actually increases the house advantage. The Mexican version should be avoided at all costs because it has triple zero (000).

If you want to win, you should use the outside bet because they increase your chances. Outside bets do not pay much but you have one out of two chances of wining. They also have a lower house advantage.

When you are playing any casino games it is better to set winnings, loss and time limit. You should respect these limits in order to avoid going beyond your budget.

The classic martingale

If you want to use the classic martingale, double your bet when you lose. When you win a round, you payback your losses and make a little profit (if you lose 6 consecutive times, you have to bet 63 times your initial bet) However this betting system is very risky. Being exponential it allows for huge bets. Firstly, limits are reached quite quickly but you may not reach them because of their high amounts. Pays 1.

The grand martingale

Similar to the classic martingale, the grand martingale allows you also to double your bet when you lose. Plus it allows you to add an additional bet. Logically you win a lot of money using this method. However it is riskier than the previous method. So you lose 6 times you increase 120 times your initial bet. Pays 6.

The Piquemouche

Similar to the classic martingale, with Piquemouche you have to bet the same amount three consecutive times. Then double it. So using the Piquemouche method you will have the following: 1,1,1,2,2,2,4,4,4. This betting system is less risky than the others because you will have difficulty reaching the betting limit. Unfortunately a single bet will not always refund your losses.

The pyramid system

You will raise your bet one unit after each losing hand and you will lower your bet by one unit after you win. Its principal is the more you lose the more chances you have of wining.

The reverse Alembert

It is opposite of the pyramid so you will lower your bet by one unit after each losing hand and you will raise your bet by one unit after each wining hand. Its principal is you have to play in the sequence of the game and hope to have a series of numbers.

The Paroli

With this strategy you have to multiply your wining hand by 2. Set an amount of winnings from which you are going to start again with your initial bet. A paroli of one means you have to divide your initial bet when you have doubled your bet. Paroli of 3, you start again with your first bet when you have won 8 times your bet.

The Whittaker

You should add up the last 2 losing wagers. The aim is to pull back your losses more quickly if you do win. With this strategy you are not obliged to place high bets. Thus you are not going to reach your betting limits quickly. However, it will be difficult to refund your series of losses with a simple win.