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Rules of the wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune is an online and a live casino game also known as big six wheel. It is not available in French casinos. However it is really popular in big casinos in the United States such as Reno in Atlantic City and on the Las Vegas strip. Despite its name, players do not win much but the casinos do. In fact, it has the lowest player repayment rate. The house advantage can go up to 11% on 1€ bets and up to 24% on the slot numbered 40.

The basics

The aim of the wheel of fortune is to guess the number on which the wheel is going to stop. Therefore you have to place your chips on the numbers of your choice on the game table.

Material of the game

The wheel of fortune is played thanks to a big vertical wheel composed of 54 boxes divided into 6 different slots. In fact, 23 boxes contain the number 1, 15 boxes contain the number 2, 8 boxes contain the number 5, 4 boxes contain the 10, 2 boxes contain the number 20 and 2 slots red and black contain the number 40. The more a number is available on the wheel, the higher the chances of it being drawn. On the other hand, the payoffs are the lowest.

The bets are placed on a table which has several boxes which you can put your chips. The latter are bought from the dealer. You have to respect the betting limits indicated on each slot. They vary from one bet to another.

Proceedings of the game

Like in roulette, a round of wheel of fortune begins when the dealer says “ladies and gentlemen place your bets”. You may begin to place your bets on the game table respecting the minimum and maximum betting limits. You may let the dealer place your bet or bets but you are always responsible for the final placement.

Then the dealer says “the game has started” when he says “no more bets” no more bets are allowed. He spins the wheel of fortune. It stops on a particular slot. If you placed a bet on the number that appears on this slot, you win.

For a result to be valid, the wheel in motion should not be obstructed and has to spin three times. The dealer collects the losing bets and pays off the wining bets according to the payment guidelines.


A wining bet on number 1 wins 1:1., on number 2 wins double the initial bet. One or several bets placed on number 5 wins 5:1, on number 10 you win 10 times your bet,on number 20 wins 20:1and on number 40 you win 40 times your initial bet.

These are most popular payment guidelines. Nevertheless, the casinos may sometimes have different payment guidelines. Thus before playing wheel of fortune have a careful look at the rules which govern the table’s payment options.